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About NBTC

The better bitcoin of the new bitcoin,
We have a system snapshot at 501,225 of the BTC block height and bifurcate;
The new chain has the ability to support 8M blocks, optimize the consensus mechanism,and build a built-in intelligent contract function. The encryption algorithm is changed from Sha256 to Crypt algorithm, GPU algorithm.


8M Block

Increase block capacity, Address Bitcoin congestion High fees.

GPU Mining

PC re-engage in mining, Expand user size, Partly solve the problem of centralized computing.

The total 42 million

Old Bitcoin users 1: 1 distributes candy, Additional 21 million to allow more people have the opportunity to participate.

Huge market demand

To meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people who are beating the world bitcoin, Solve the bitcoin transaction congestion, expensive, Mining monopoly problem


2017.12.27     Fork the blockchain at the height of 501225.

2018.Q1    On the main line, began mining.

2018.Q2    On the main exchange.

2018.Q3    Expansion of the user more than 1 million.

Future    Bewbitcoin Better bitcoin.


What is NewBitcoin (NBTC)?

The New Bitcoin (NBTC) is a new currency that is split at the Bitcoin block (BTC) at the height of 50,1225. Inherited bitcoin genes and users,The difference is that the block size expansion to 8M,encryption algorithm to Crypt, mining algorithm to GPU (graphics mining).

Why develop new bitcoin?

Bitcoin itself is facing many problems, such as transaction congestion, expensive fees, mining monopoly,New Bitcoin hopes to solve these problems.

What is the total amount of new bitcoins?

The total amount of new bitcoin (NBTC) 42 million,(21 million BTC original,new Bitcoin additional 21 million).The original bitcoin users 1: 1 to distribute candy,the rest of the mining. Foundation pre-dug 1%,mainly used to motivate early developers,Investment in ecological construction, foundation operations, the development of more users to join.


[HuoXing.IO] 8000 NBTC, new bitcoin candy free delivery!

HuoXing.IO will send free candy to the New BTC team after 0:00 on the 19 day. NBTC is a hard bifurcation based on bitcoin, on this basis, the expansion to the 8M block, in support of the personal computer and the on-line intelligent mining, the latter will contract

Bitcoin is up, do not hurry! The new bitcoin is coming soon

In the past 2017, which word should say the most? I believe that many people will choose "bitcoin". Bitcoin, as the king of the digital currency in the block chain, was discussed in the currency circle, but now the mother of the market knows it.

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